In a year when we are desperate for job growth and frustrated with the reckless spending in Chicago, people across our city are crying for someone to stand up and fight against the establishment. Southwest Chicago-based business woman and an independent candidate, Anna Goral, is running for Alderman of the 23rd Ward because she believes that people need a strong independent voice to represent them.

She understands the important role businesses play in creating jobs for local residents and their contribution to the tax base. Owning Goral Real Estate, she works hard and believes strongly in giving back to her community and has proven that over the years. Her goal is to encourage residents to have influence in decision making process on many important issues concerning their communities within the 23rd Ward.

She understands that we are at crossroads and the decision we make in February of 2015 will determine the course of our ward’s future. The choice for the 23rd Ward is to live in the past or to move forward. We need to send someone to City Hall who will work with businesses to hire local people for a decent wage. We need to send someone who will make sure that this community gets its fair share of the city jobs.  We need to send someone who will fight for jobs. Let’s send someone who will care about us.