Garfield Ridge resident and local business woman, Anna Goral, announced her candidacy for Alderman in Chicago’s 23rd Ward today. Anna believes residents need an alderman who really cares to acts as a true public servant. For far too long politicians have destroyed our economy, neglected our public safety (e.g. Chicago is the new murder capital of the USA, according to National Review Online), ignored our educational needs (closing 50 Chicago public schools) and taken us to the brink of disaster, by ruining our pension system and making our property taxes so high most cannot afford to pay them.

The 2011 municipal election brought us one of the clos­est alder­manic races in 23rd Ward his­tory. A mere few hundred votes prevented Anna from facing Zalewski in a run-off election. Four years have passed, and we face even greater problems as a community. “People are just sick and tired of the same old politicians running their lives and I want to change that”, Anna said. “I am a problem solver, a good listener, and a visionary. I can see our ward growing into a vibrant community where every child gets a world-class education, local businesses get support from their officials, residents feel safe in their homes and protected on their streets and their alderman is available to serve the entire community not just privileged few. Being an alderman is a tough job and probably not for everyone, but I know I am the right “man” for the job!” Goral concluded.